Melissa Fisher is ready to go forward. Are you? Meet the candidate.

Melissa Fisher grew up in Fort Wayne, attended Snider High School, and understands the importance of family, community, hard work, education, and public service. Today, she stands alongside us because she believes in our community and knows that we can move forward.

Melissa is not someone who can be "out-worked," as stated by City Councilwoman, Michelle Chambers. She is expanding her extensive history of dedication and involvement in our community to serve as At-Large Member of County Council to move Allen County forward.

Melissa is no stranger to our community. She's been active in making a difference in the lives of everyday people since her youth. With over 17 years of behavioral health experience, she continues to work to improve the lives of those with developmental disabilities. Serving as an adjunct professor at Purdue University in the area of Human Services, she shares her practical experience to develop the next generation of those who will work to care for the underserved while making the world a better place. And as a dedicated high school softball and volleyball coach, she helps to develop not only athleticism, but also serve as a role model to the youth of Allen County. In addition to extensive civil service, she is rooted in a faith that helps guide her care for the world and engages in ministry with our community as the lead pastor of Faith United Methodist Church in Fort Wayne.

One might ask, "what can't she do," however, the better question is, what will she do for Allen County as a County Councilor? As a small business owner, educator, and faith leader, Melissa's experiences and relationships are diverse, and she will bring this enthusiasm for diversity and inclusiveness to Allen County Council.

In addition to her broad experience in organizing, Melissa also continues to challenge herself to be a compassionate and educated leader. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Indiana University, Bachelor of Arts in Human Services with an emphasis in Psychology from Purdue University, a Master of Divinity from United Theological Seminary, and a Certificate in Public Advocacy and Civil Service from Indiana University.

Melissa Fisher represents a purposeful transformation for Allen County. If you have had the opportunity to encounter her, you may have noticed her innate ability to offer positivity and hope with a friendly smile and larger than life laughter. However, you would also note that she has a passion for connecting people to reach significant goals to improve people's lives daily. Melissa believes we can be a force to uplift every person in Allen County by serving with strength, ethics, and a heart for inclusivity in our community and leadership, as well as offering her voice to hold our leaders accountable in governance and fiscal responsibility.

Let's move FORWARD.